Salvation Denied

by Upright

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released January 5, 2017

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jacob Scott at The Closet Studios in Tulsa, Oklahoma.



all rights reserved


Upright Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Caged
I don't need a thing from you
All you did was take from me

Left me back at the gate
Like a prisoner with no fate

Locked inside a state of mind
Where ill never find that shallow end
Inner peace, never had
Serenity, never found

You let the bullet push through
Loosed the arrow to pierce me
The blade sunk deep
To show me who you really are
Just another blackened face at the end of my cage
Track Name: Den of Thieves
The liars walk among us
Their untruths have become truth
They have led us one by one
To the den of thieves

Their empty promises
of salvation we have swallowed whole
They wean us on their lies
And feast on our ignorance

Their words, poison, seeping through the cracks

Salvation denied

There is no salvation here
Their profit is our ignorance
Turning a blind eye
To the suffering they create
False prophets, what have they brought us?
They have led us into a world
That they've built on corruption and lies
Track Name: Cold
No to trust
There is no peace inside my head
Lost everything that i once held close
Struggling to live in this hell you left me in

Plagued by anxiety
Haunted by the things i've done
And all the things i lost
Memories i can't get away from

I've never felt so cold
Inside and out

I believe in curses
Because I'm trapped in my own skin

And no matter how much i pray
I'll never find the peace that you gave me

I will never forgive myself
For all the pain I've caused
Every time I close my eyes
I see your face
Track Name: Divine Right
Waging war in the name of freedom
A twisted pride in a failing system
Assimilate. Eradicate.
"If they can't live like us, why the fuck should they live?"

Claiming your right to divinity
This is justified in your eyes
This is called for
They deserve to die

A genocide for your god
A genocide for your country
A genocide for your glory

Land of the free, built on the backs of slaves

Their blood is on your hands
Track Name: Shadow of Intent
Sowing seeds of destruction
Your influence breeds corruption
Draining blood to fuel your machine
Bathing in darkness
Unseen yet felt by those
Pinned underneath the weight
Of the shadow of your intent

Tyrants ruling on their thrones
Built by those you deem beneath you
Controlling all from the shadows
Millions of lives at your disposal

Driven by unthinkable greed
Killing for things that you don't need
All to keep feeding your euphoria
Chaining the people to your working machine

Telling them they're free
To choose as they please
When in reality they're slaves
To the system you created

A nation of liars and hypocrites
Selling an image to the masses
A lie of perfection
Made to brainwash and manipulate

A display of force
Propaganda to intimidate
To silence the cries of the oppressed
Silence their cries

You've silenced their cries

A quest that ends with your hands
Soaked in the blood of the innocent
Mankind in thrall
Under the shadow of your intent
Track Name: Absolute Justice
Mindless, spineless
Deaf and dumb
Turn your backs on all the things
You don't want to hear

Ignoring the problem
As it gets worse

Endless fucking killings
But it can't be real
If it doesn't happen to you
Trusting blindly in the words they say
"Obey us and you'll have nothing to fear"
Fucking swine in human clothes
Pray for help as your life draws to a close

Hiding their crimes under the rug
Immune to the laws they uphold
Society's protectors are now your executioners

No judge
No jury
You are guilty
Until proven innocent

And the punishment for your crime is death
Track Name: The Loyal Few
Living your life hiding in fear
Everything you have
Passed down to
Ungrateful hands

Completely absorbed by your ego
Focused only on perfecting an image
Live in disregard
For the consequences of your actions

You've chosen to walk the path of a knave
A coward with no shame
Looking for others to place the blame
Changing your morals
To what suits your interests
You turned your back on the ones
Who treated you like family

Coward. Liar. Hypocrite.
You can't even look me in the eye

You can't keep your head held high
When you don't have a fucking spine
A living embodiment
Of everything that fucking I hate
Waiting for the chance
Just to watch you bleed
And the day everything you love
Leaves you in darkness

You made your bed and dug your grave
And you'll lie in it for the rest of your life

True loyalty never dies
May the real ones remain
Track Name: Waking Nightmare
Trapped inside
Lost in a false reality
Looking for a way out
But there's only so far that i can see

Stuck in this world
Where I'm force fed everything
Surrounded by hypocrites and pharisees
Political injustice rules the day

No one wins

You can't beat the system
You can't win no matter what you do
Trapped inside this twisted game
To it you stay a slave

There's nothing you can do
To make the pain go away

In this nightmare that never ends
I can't wake up
This is my reality
Track Name: Blight
Make no mistake
Humanity is the disease
So long as ws draw breath
This world can never know peace

Sit and watch
As we bring the earth to its knees
Killing and taking all for ourselves
Satisfaction of self all we seek

Make no mistake
We are a blight on this world
Corrupting all that we touch

From the cradle to the grave
We take until there's nothing left
The only cure
Is death

As the future unfolds
We will see pain untold

Make no mistake

Our destiny
Track Name: Slow Burn
Caught in a cycle of push and pull
Blinded by hatred, filled with rage
On a path of self destruction
With no end in sight

Take a look at the world you live in
You pretend everything is fine
When I see it, I feel it inside

Slow burn

This world we live in, alight with strife
While innocents burn alive
Deafen your ears to their cries
While the rest live under the knife

Because I can't turn my eyes
And ignore these desperate cries

Who will fight back?

The blade at your throat, is ready to cut
The noose around your neck, is tightened to hang

The gun pressed to your head, ready to blow

Intolerance for intolerance
Hatred for hatred

Smash your intolerance
Smash your hate