Shadow of Intent

from by Upright



Sowing seeds of destruction
Your influence breeds corruption
Draining blood to fuel your machine
Bathing in darkness
Unseen yet felt by those
Pinned underneath the weight
Of the shadow of your intent

Tyrants ruling on their thrones
Built by those you deem beneath you
Controlling all from the shadows
Millions of lives at your disposal

Driven by unthinkable greed
Killing for things that you don't need
All to keep feeding your euphoria
Chaining the people to your working machine

Telling them they're free
To choose as they please
When in reality they're slaves
To the system you created

A nation of liars and hypocrites
Selling an image to the masses
A lie of perfection
Made to brainwash and manipulate

A display of force
Propaganda to intimidate
To silence the cries of the oppressed
Silence their cries

You've silenced their cries

A quest that ends with your hands
Soaked in the blood of the innocent
Mankind in thrall
Under the shadow of your intent


from Salvation Denied, released January 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Upright Tulsa, Oklahoma

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