The Loyal Few

from by Upright



Living your life hiding in fear
Everything you have
Passed down to
Ungrateful hands

Completely absorbed by your ego
Focused only on perfecting an image
Live in disregard
For the consequences of your actions

You've chosen to walk the path of a knave
A coward with no shame
Looking for others to place the blame
Changing your morals
To what suits your interests
You turned your back on the ones
Who treated you like family

Coward. Liar. Hypocrite.
You can't even look me in the eye

You can't keep your head held high
When you don't have a fucking spine
A living embodiment
Of everything that fucking I hate
Waiting for the chance
Just to watch you bleed
And the day everything you love
Leaves you in darkness

You made your bed and dug your grave
And you'll lie in it for the rest of your life

True loyalty never dies
May the real ones remain


from Salvation Denied, released January 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Upright Tulsa, Oklahoma

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